Ornamental Iron Fence is the Perfect Choice for Your Tulsa Property

Tulsa is home to numerous homes and businesses.

Every Tulsa property needs to be enclosed by a fence – but wood, chain link, and other fence materials are not always the right choice.

Ornamental iron fencing is a great choice for both residential and commercial properties because it looks beautiful, it lasts forever, and it brings an extremely high level of security to any property it surrounds.

Since ornamental iron fences and gates are welded, they are highly customizable.

Here are just some of the options available for Tulsa ornamental iron fences.

Ornamental iron closed top

Closed picket ornamental iron fence tulsa

In this style, the pickets stop at the top rail or horizontal member.

Closed top styles are best suited for lower heights of ornamental iron fences, or for properties where they are surrounding pools, or where small children are present.

Traditionally, open-top ornamental iron fences have sharp top, or finials, that can be potentially dangerous.

Ornamental iron open top

Open picket ornamental iron fence in Tulsa

The open-top variation features picket that extends beyond the boundaries of the top or bottom rails.

At increased heights such as 5′ or 6′, these ornamental iron fences lend an extreme amount of security to any Tulsa property.

The tops of these ornamental fence styles are top with decorative finials, which come in a variety of styles, but can also be made without any finials.

In addition to standard picket top choices, you can also get an ornamental iron pressed point picket, which features a picket top which is pressed into a somewhat sharp point.

Ornamental iron puppy picket

Puppy picket ornamental iron fence Tulsa

If you have small dogs, it’s important to ensure that you properly secure your yard to prevent them from escaping.

In this ornamental iron style, an additional picket is added in between each picket in a small section at the bottom of the fence.

This increased quantity of pickets lessens the spacing so much that it is impossible for any small animal to escape.

Ornamental iron gates

Ornamental iron gates in Tulsa

Welded iron ornamental gates are, by far, the most elaborate and attractive fence gates available.

Any width, height, picket spacing, and customization option is available since these gates are custom welded.

There are numerous finial options, and scroll options available as well.

Whether you live in a residential area of Tulsa and need a small ornamental iron walk gate, or you live on a property which requires a larger, double drive estate gate, there are numerous options to meet your needs.