Farm Fence Installation

In and around Tulsa, OK, agriculture is big business. There are many ranches, farms, and livestock containment areas that all share one common need – the need to secure their boundaries.

Since farm fencing, otherwise known as agricultural fencing, is extremely varied in type and application, you must be careful to choose the types that suit your specific needs or the needs of your livestock portfolio.

For instance, paddocks that contain horses will need different fencing than fields that contain crops. If you have cattle, you will need far different farm fencing than if you have smaller animals such as sheep.

Owning a farm can be truly difficult, but we make securing your perimeter simple.

Since we have installed countless farm fences in Tulsa and in the surrounding areas, we are acutely aware of the specific requirements for each farm, so you can trust that we will guide you in the right direction when it comes to choosing an appropriate fence for your Tulsa property.

Electric Farm Fence

Fencing in your livestock is incredibly important.

With an electric farm fence, you can keep your cattle and other livestock inside your property, and also make sure that predators or other nuisance animals stay out of your boundaries.

Here at T-Town Fence & Gate, we are experts at installing electrical farm fences in Tulsa, so we know the right wires to use, and the right methods of installation for optimal protection and for maximal safety.

Pipe Farm Fence

Steel pipe fences are a terrific choice for properties with large animals, as they are incredibly strong.

Pipe farm fencing is typically used as an alternative to other horse fence styles such as wood ranch rail, split rail, or vinyl ranch rail fences.

Ranch Rail Farm Fence

Everyone is familiar with post and rail farm fencing.

It has been the most widely used style of agricultural perimeter fencing in Tulsa for generations, and will likely continue to be so for many more generations to come.

Ranch rail fencing is typically best suited for horse paddocks and farms that have primarily larger animals.

Cable Farm Fence

This permanent farm fencing solution is similar to barbed wire fencing, though it does not have the addition of barbs along the length of the wire.

Each cable is normally made out of seven strands of wire twisted together, making their structural integrity improved.

During installation, cables are attached to heavy posts and stretched along the fence line until they are at an incredibly high tension level.

Since cables fences are simple, they are cost-efficient and quick to install.

Barbed Wire Farm Fence

Similar to cable fencing, barbed wire farm fences consist of rolls of barbed wire that are attached to heavy posts and then stretched across long fence lines with high tension.

Along with the ability to deter your own livestock from exploring the possibility of venturing out of your farm, this style of fence also keeps dangerous predators and annoying animals off of your land.

We recommend barbed wire fencing as your primary solution to securing your Tulsa farm, as it is incredibly effective, it fulfills all requirements of an enclosure, it is quick to install, and it is very cost-effective.

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