Chain Link Fence Installation

Whether you have a commercial property or a residential property in Tulsa, chain link fencing can be a great addition to secure your perimeter. Since chain link fence only consists of a few parts, it’s very quick to install and is affordable to homeowners and business owners with even the tightest budgets.

If you have a large residential property where you do not need the privacy that a wood fence provides, chain link fencing could be the perfect solution. A standard sized residential chain link fence will prevent any intruders from entering your property and will work to keep you and your family safe no matter the time of day or time of year.

For commercial applications, you can opt for a chain link fence of increased height, gauge, and even add a section of barbed wire to the top portion of your fence.

Tulsa business, no matter the size or type, can greatly benefit from the installation of a chain link fence. You can save yourself a great deal of money when you protect your products, machinery, tools, and vehicles from theft.

Chain link fence with wood posts and wood rails

For residential applications, you can choose to have your chain link fence installed with a wooden frame instead of the traditional galvanized posts and rails.

This style is perfect when you don’t need complete privacy in your backyard, but you also want the natural look of a wood fence.

The advantage of installing a chain link fence in Tulsa, OK

Chain link fences are the most economical and cost-effective type of fence available.

You can secure your property with a minimal budget.

Though, the biggest advantage for Tulsa businesses is the protection that a chain link fence provides for their business – you just can’t overstate the amount of protection that comes with a properly installed chain link fence.

Chain link fence options

You can choose to add a few different components to your standard chain link fence, or even request a colored type of chain link fence material.

Here are a few choices you have:

  1. Black vinyl coated chain link fence
  2. Green vinyl coated chain link fence
  3. Brown vinyl coated chain link fence
  4. Barbed wire accent for chain link fence tops
  5. PVC privacy slats that partially obscure visibility
  6. Windscreens that protect your yard from visibility and wind flow

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