3 Reasons Why You Need a Barbed Wire Fence in Tulsa

Security is an extremely important factor when operating your Tulsa business.

Whether you own a farm in Tulsa, commercial property in Tulsa, or just any business in Tulsa, you want to make absolutely sure that your expensive investments are protected.

The absolute best way to secure your perimeter is by installing some kind of barbed wire fence.

There are two main types of barbed wire fence in Tulsa:

  • Barbed wire fence with chain-link
  • Barbed wire farm fence

In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages of both types of barbed wire fence, and what their specific applications are.

Barbed wire fence with chain link

Commercial chain link fence with barbed wire installed in Tulsa

Commercial grade chain link fencing topped with barbed wire is the #1 choice for Tulsa businesses to protect their property.

Nothing deters intruders quite like the threat of injury by making contact with a barbed wire fence.

This type of fence comes at heights that exceed residential limitations.

So installing a 10′ or 20′ fence is entirely possible if needed.

If you store products in a yard outside in Tulsa or if you store vehicles outside, you need a fence like this to ensure that no one steals from you.

Barbed wire farm fence

Barbed wire farm fence installed in Tulsa

Since Tulsa and surrounding areas are home to numerous agricultural and livestock farms, barbed wire farm fencing is very popular.

Enclosing your farm is important for two reasons:

  • Keep your livestock and products in your property
  • Keep predators and intruders out of your property

Tulsa barbed wire fence installation is simple.

Extremely strong anchor posts are installed, then lines of barbed wire are stretched across line posts.

The high tension between anchor points creates an immovable fence line.

This immovable fence line along with sharpened barbs prevents both entry and exit.

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